About: Flamingos in the Tree

Flamingos in the Tree is a wistfully captivating indie pop/rock band originating from the vibrant music scene of Reno, Nevada. Formed during their college days at the University of Nevada, Reno, the band's journey began as a fusion of shared musical passions and creative energy.

Drawing inspiration from their diverse backgrounds and influences, Flamingos in the Tree quickly developed a distinctive sound characterized by infectious melodies, lush harmonies, and introspective lyrics. Their music reflects a seamless blend of indie pop's catchy hooks with the raw energy of rock, creating a sonic landscape that resonates with audiences across genres.

In 2022, Flamingos in the Tree unveiled their much-anticipated debut LP, "sunsets that i had w u". This mesmerizing concept album showcases the emotional tail of a relationship starting and eventually ending. From the first song of the LP “There’s Something about Sunflowers,” to the last “In the Orange Groves,” you experience the hope and naive beauty at the start of first love, tragically coming to an end. The hopeful, energetic tone of the second track "Take Me by the Hand,” captivated and expanded their audience reaching several millions of views on social media.